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French dinnerOccasionally I share information about a book, play, concert, or restaurant that I experienced. These "favorites" are not really recommendations but rather a way of sharing information. One night recently I met a person at a business meeting and he told me that he had been in Alexandria, Virginia and had dinner at a Nuevo Latino restaurant (see note below) that he had found in the restaurants section of patrickWeb. He and his family had thoroughly enjoyed it — and I was happy that the link had been valuable. Tonight was special, and the occasion was celebrated at Auberge Maxime  in North Salem, Westchester County, New York. The cuisine and service were superb. Jean Le Bris offers a friendly smile and good recommendations. This one I can highly recommend.
NOTE: Mar. 26, 2013 – The Café Salsa has now turned into AguaViva, a “Miami Fusion” restaurant.