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MarsBlogging isn’t just for kids or IBM e-tirees. Now there are astro bloggers! The two Mars Exploration Rover mission spacecraft each have a LEGO mini-figure suited up for space, virtualized onto DVD’s, and attached to the spacecraft. The DVD’s also contain the names of four million people who signed up to be part of the mission. To make the mini-figures more lifelike, the Planetary Society has created an Astrobot Corps. Two "astrobots" — Biff Starling and Sandy Moondust — are blogging to the world about the mission. Blogging from outer space is just one of the many interesting things going on with regard to Mars. The Planetary Society and NASA along with the LEGO Company have teamed together to establish "Mars Stations" to enable anyone with Internet access to "drive"
through a martian-like world through the eyes of a robotic rover. 
See full story by Michelle Delio in Wired News.