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Asia is one of the most interesting places in the world and I really look forward to every trip there. So far I have been to Beijing and Shanghai in China, Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The people in these countries are all so friendly and the food is superb. I have great respect for the cultures of these countries. They make our American history seem so brief. There are numerous pictures in my photo gallery. This particular trip (December 1999) included Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taipei. It was one of the busiest trips I have ever had and involved meeting with customers and the press, giving keynotes and presentations to various groups and meeting with government officials and IBMers. Because of the extended nature of the trip I had to spend a weekend away from home and I chose to spend it in Hong Kong. This turned out to be a very good choice. I spent Saturday with two friends who were nice enough to show me around and teach me a lot about Hong Kong. On Sunday I started out the day with a five mile run along the harbor and then flew to Taipei to continue my business trip. More details of the trip can be found at the following links….