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medicine_pillsThe size and weight of the box surprised me. As usual, Apple packaging was over the top. A solid substantial plastic case contained my new watch. Although I have much more to learn, I was productive in minutes. The Apple Watch app on the iPhone contains all the settings. There are many but most are intuitive. I had to add credit cards to Apple Pay even though I already had them activated on the iPhone. This is because you can buy things with your watch, even if you don’t have your iPhone with you. Most other apps work cooperatively. For example, you can read your email on the watch, but if you want to type a reply, you can continue on the iPhone. The Apple supplied apps are really polished. It is quite easy to send or receive texts, check the weather or stocks, and use the map. The activity app tracks your “sit time” and reminds you with a tap on the wrist to get up and walk around. It also keeps track of your steps taken and calories burned. The big potential of the watch is in healthcare. The world of mHealth is upon us as described in detail in Health Attitude.

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