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Apple MusicSonos

I was an early adopter of Sonos in 2009 and continue to enjoy the great sounds it delivers throughout the house. When Apple Music was announced, I signed up for the streaming music service. I did not like it at first but have gotten used to it as the service learned what music I like. Now I like it a lot, and on December 15, I will like it even more.

Apple and Sonos announced they have been working together and have created a unique user experience leveraging the best of both companies. I can’t wait. Sonos is already integrated into my home automation app on the iPhone. I can select from XM Sirius, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Slacker, and other music streaming services. When I hit the wakeup button in the morning, the home automation system selects a music source based on the day of the week and some random selections. I have a number of ideas on how to exploit all this with the addition of Apple Music and will be writing about the results soon.