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AppleThe WSJ reported today about Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7. It said the product looked “practical, but not jaw-dropping. As usual the analysts don’t seem to fully appreciate the seamless integration Apple offers or the incredible new technology inside the iPhone. The new cameras and image processing capabilities truly are jaw dropping. There was a lot of criticism of Apple eliminating the headphone jack. I completely support the move. It just is not needed. The world is going wireless. The stories also left out Apple is including a small adapter so people can still use their wired headphones and other devices until they decided to go wireless.

The new Apple Watch Series 2 is also over the top. One of the amazing technology innovations is the Watch is waterproof. But more than that. The Watch has a speaker. Speakers need air to function so there has to be an opening to the inside of the phone for the speaker to work. Apple invented a technique to have it both ways. When you emerge from swimming, the Watch senses you have done so and it plays an artificial sound which forces the water out of the speaker. My only complaint with Apple is their pre-order window. It starts at midnight west coast time. I have to get up at 3 AM to get in an early order.