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Amazon with Attitude

Some exciting news about cancer treatments is coming in next week’s e-brief. Today, in advance of the publishing of Election Attitude in August, I am announcing the formation of a new Amazon aStore. The aStore is fully integrated with Attitude LLC. Visitors to Attitude LLC will be able to buy “attitude” books as well as many other Amazon products. The aStore is just a link to dealing directly with Amazon. I set it up as a convenience for visitors, and I will donate 100% of any commissions earned to Habitat for Humanity.

Election Attitude will be the third in a family of books, with more to come. The theme is how attitude can have a profound influence over problems and solutions. In the case of healthcare, Health Attitude outlined the problems and solutions in the American healthcare system. Compared to the American election system, healthcare is perfection! Stay tuned. If you are enjoying my weekly e-brief, please tell your friends about it. They can subscribe by simply visiting johnpatrick.com.