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Nick Philipson, executive editor at Perseus books, overnighted me the first hardbound copy of Net Attitude on September 28. It was a joy to see a real book after all these months. My thanks go to all the great people at Perseus who did the design work for the art, pages, and fonts. Also, to the marketing and public relations people who have been busily preparing for the distributors and retail channels and making the press aware. Between now and the end of the year I will be very busy talking to reporters, giving talks, attending book signing affairs, and generally sharing everything I can about Net Attitude. I will be starting with a talk in San Francisco on October 22 and then at a Garage.com conference in San Jose the next day. Then I will be going to the Agenda conference in Scottsdale and from there to Paris for an IBM conference. On November 1 I’ll be speaking at the Ridgefield Library in Connecticut. Most of my upcoming engagements are listed on the presentations page or upcoming and past speeches page.