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Our Internet Technology group is involved in a number of areas. We’ve been responsible for developing and demonstrating leading edge IBM technology in a highly visible fashion over the past four years. Projects have included large, very complex web sites that broke new ground for IBM in scalability (The Patent Database is an example of how *very* large databases can be made widely accessible on the Web), and the distributed computing environments necessary to support sites like the Nagano Olympics, IBM’s corporate home page, and numerous other events. To do this, we invented, integrated, and worked with people and organizations world-wide inside and outside of IBM. Our role is to bring together IBM Research, development, business transformation, and operations organizations through special/advanced projects to develop, integrate, and implement new and innovative technologies.

I think it’s imperative that IBM eats it’s own cooking. Making technology, processes, and services work for ourselves will have huge positive impact on what we are selling to customers. To accomplish this, we have initiatives under way in the areas of computing infrastructure, e-business applications and building blocks such as video conferencing, IP telephony, messaging, and central directories. We do our best to share our skills and expertise.

Most recently we are spending a lot of our time working with Internet2.