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Of all the nearly 1,400 stories I have posted here at patrickWeb, the one about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) brought the most feedback. Since healthcare touches all of us in some way and the subject is so broad and deep, it is not surprising that there are many different opinions. Since the feedback came from both sides of the political aisle and different walks of life, I thought it would be of interest to share a sampling of the comments I received. 

  • Well stated. Our nation’s inability to address healthcare as a right of the citizenry is appalling.
  • I think most doctors would support coverage for everyone but they don’t trust the government—-and unfortunately, the feds haven’t shown lately that they can manage it well!
  • Unfortunately the issues of morality and politics have become painfully confused.
  • It is an outrage that anyone would die for lack of access to medical care, but I think everyone should make some form of payment, just like I believe that everyone should pay some level of federal income tax.
  • The legislation is a mess, and although there are some valuable elements, it was rushed through, and the cost, policy, and practical implications are totally unpredictable.
  • I think you make a good argument and at a macro level it’s hard to argue with. I think a big part of the problem (at least in terms of fairness) is bolting it on to the current hodgepodge tax structure.
  • Healthcare is a right, we do it badly, and the ACA is a huge step, albeit flawed and mishandled, in the correct direction.
  • Jimmy Carter has addressed the moral issue; it seems his comments have largely been ignored.
  • Thank you for helping me to understand why my insurance is going up 136%!