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Research scientists at the University of California San Diego have created a robotic lens which can be controlled by small eye movements. For example, a double blink can cause the lens to zoom in. This amazing innovation was made possible by the discovery of a natural electrical charge in the eye called an “electro-oculographic signal”. The new lens is made from polymers which can expand when an electrical current is applied. The lens has five tiny electrodes surrounding the eye which can act like muscles. When the eye blinks, the signal is applied to the lens and the lens responds by becoming more convex. The result is the lens in effect zooms in. 

Researchers hope this breakthrough technology will have the potential to lead to prosthetic eyes, adjustable eyes, an eye camera which could be controlled using just the eyes, or even controlled remotely. 

Source: Robotic contact lens that allows users to zoom in by blinking eyes revealed by scientists

I read The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil in 2006 and started writing about it in 2013. Robot Attitude has a section about the Singularity and Ray Kurzweil and describes how robots are becoming more like humans and we are becoming more like robots. The robotic lens is one more of many examples. If you are curious about the Singularity, read Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better.