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MotorcycleThe motorcycle ride from Pennsylvania through New York to Connecticut on Interstate 84 was 119 miles. I did not see a single fellow motorcyclist during the entire trip. Perhaps it was the 47 degree temperature, the cloudy and drizzly sky, or the 35 mph wind gusts. Riding a motorcycle in 47 degree weather was very cold to start with but the wind chill made it feel as though it was 20 degrees. I have always been curious about exactly what wind chill means and how it is calculated, so I did a bit of research on it. If you are interested in this, see the prior story. The Widder electric vest and gloves provided adequate heat (see Motorcycling In The Winter for more about cold weather riding). It was the wind gusts that made the ride exciting. In fact, as recorded in the motorcycling log, this was the most challenging ride I have ever experienced. Crossing the Hudson River on the Newbugh Bridge required hanging on tightly to control the buffeting and also crabbing into the wind just like flying an airplane in a crosswind. In addition to focusing on remaining in control of the ride, I was thinking about the ThinkPad which was strapped on the back of the Sportster. Even though I knew it could survive a high speed drop onto the highway (it has happened before), I was glad that my computer and I got home safely.