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After the Continental 757 left the gate, there were more than twenty aircraft that had to take off before the flight to Norway could get underway. As always, the pilots did their best to make up some of the lost time during the overnight flight — the landing in Oslo was only an hour late. […]

A New Opera

The evolution of the "browser" has had a huge impact on making content available to everyone everywhere. We also take it for granted that we can walk up to any computer connected to the Internet and expect to find a browser there. Not only that but we automatically know how to use it! The world […]

Operating Systems

A friend of mine at IBM asked my opinion about something Jonathan Schwartz, of Sun Microsystems, had to say about "operating systems". After reading his blog, I developed two opinions — one about what he said and the other about how he said it. First of all, what is an operating system? Some readers know […]

Opera In Oslo

There are so many interesting things to see in Scandinavia that one could spend weeks or months exploring them. The main purpose of the trip was to spend a day with the Opera Software management team and board of directors. That was an extremely long day but hopefully productive for all participants. One thing is […]

Opera CEO

I should have mentioned in my story about things going on at Opera Software that the company co-founder and CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, just was highlighted in a Business Week story, "Stars of Europe” – 25 leaders at the forefront of change". The story was quite complimentary about both Jon and the company. He was […]