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Is There a Silver Lining in the Coronavirus Cloud?

One thing all the Coronavirus experts agree on is the virus will continue to spread for some time. One important question related to this is how contagious is the virus? The key measure is transmissibility, how rapidly the disease spreads. Transmissibility is indicated by its reproductive number, abbreviated as Ro and pronounced R-nought or r-zero. Ro represents the average […]

Amazon, Boxee, Cloud

The pace of announcements from the media and technology industries will certainly be fast throughout the rest of the year. A couple of important developments this week were things that I had expected, and was very happy to see. First, was Boxee’s announcement (Boxee Blog » Boxee for iPad and more goodies) of their new […]

In The Clouds (Part 6)

The August issue of PC Magazine began the “magazine’s” 30th year and I have not missed an issue, although this is the first one I read on the iPad with Zinio. If someone had described the iPad to me back in 1981 it would have seemed like science fiction. Even the PC at that time […]

In The Clouds (Part 5)

There is something about clouds that brings the term into our daily lives. We say “it is a cloudy day”, or “there is not a cloud in the sky”, or if we feel especially elated or happy we might say “I feel like I am on cloud nine“.  Nowadays many are talking about “cloud computing“. […]

In The Clouds — Part 4

I continue to be optimistic — as described in prior stories — about Cloud Computing. A week or so ago, however, a major network outage gave me a cause for pause in enthusiasm. My Internet service provider, Comcast, began having problems at 5 AM in the morning. More than twelve hours later there was still […]