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Computational Biology Reference Information

The computational biology panelists from yesterday were Ajay Royyuru, Senior Manager, Computational Biology Center at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Colin Hill, CEO, President, & Co-Founder of Gene Network Sciences and Steve Mayo, Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry in the Divisions of Biology and Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology. If you […]

My Back

  My Back The expression “we have got your back” has a couple of meanings. In most cases, it conveys support and protection. For example, it means the facilities, equipment, speakers, etc. for a speaking event will be there for you when you need them. In effect someone saying they have your back means they […]

How Many Cells Do We Have?

Closeup of human cells. Images created by AI. How Many Cells Do We Have? Ever wonder how many cells are in the human body? Live Science, a popular science website, reports on the latest discoveries, groundbreaking research, and fascinating breakthroughs which impacts all of us and the wider world. In September, Live Science reported on […]

Is a Single Vaccine for Viruses Possible?

Is a Single Vaccine for Viruses Possible? Written: September 2022 Humans have been very fortunate to have been protected by vaccines for more than two centuries. The path to get from the identification of an infectious disease to have an effective vaccine is complex, to put it mildly. The issues include research and development to […]

What is BioEverything?

 What is BioEngineering? Written: July 2022 In 1963, when I started studying electrical engineering, there were two tracks that an electrical engineering student could choose from: electronics or power. Electronics was about solid-state devices such as transistors. The Intel microprocessor was not to come until 1971. The power track was mostly about electric motors and power generation. Fast forward sixty years and […]