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Authentication Redux

The trip to New York for a board meeting last week went smoothly. Traffic was light — even within the city — and I got to the hotel lobby in much better than normal time. The one thing that went less well than it could have the check in process at the Radisson Martinique on […]

Authentication working group

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Center for Strategic & International Studies authentication working group. This is a really important subject for the future of the Internet and I am quite honored to be able to participate as a member of the working group. I’ll be posting more about this later.

Vision Pro – Week 2

Apple Vision Pro – Week 2 Every day, I learn something new about the Apple Vision Pro, and it is all good. Although I have a lot more to learn, I quite happy with this great new product. I am using it mostly for the basics: email, messages, reading news, following stocks, and viewing pictures […]

Current Events by John R. Patrick – 01/12/2024

New sections may appear every week or just when I have something new to share. World Central Kitchen World Central Kitchen is an amazing organization and is worthy philanthropic support. WCK, along with its partner, Anera, has served over 15.8 million meals through hot meals and food kits in Gaza since the beginning of the […]

Passkeys Are Here

Passkeys Are Here Nobody likes passwords. They are a pain for users and a pain for companies with websites. Many people take the easy route by using almost trivial passwords. A study found the most popular passwords are 123456, 123456789, qwerty, password, 1234567, 12345678, 12345, iloveyou, 111111, 123123, abc123, and qwerty123. Many users have a […]