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Thanks to fellow Lehigh University alumus, Tom Healy, for telling me about a

Lehigh University

It is hard for me to believe, but, this weekend was my 50th reunion after graduating from the College of Engineering at Lehigh University in 1967. I was really proud of the Class. We had 100 attendees, including four from Kappa Sigma, and received an award for the highest percentage to make it back. In some ways, we all looked the same; a little older, a little larger, a little less hair or white hair, but mostly an energetic and healthy looking group. We also won first prize for the best parade performance of all the classes. See the short movie in the photo album. Our class picked up an additional distinction: the University announced we had made a 50th reunion gift of $26 million.

The reason for the couple of pictures from the National Museum of Industrial History is Lehigh is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, original home of now defunct Bethlehem Steel. Beth Steel invented the I-beam and the H-beam. Bethlehem Steel Corporation was America’s second-largest steel producer and largest shipbuilder. At one point 60% of all skyscrapers in New York were built from Bethlehem Steel’s products. The short reunion photo gallery is here.

Epilogue: I should have mentioned the Class of 1962 actually had a few more attendees than our class of 1967, but not as high a percentage. The real winners were those from the Class of 1952. The math would suggest they are mostly 87 or so years old. God love them.