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Approximately 125 million votes have been counted so far. In 2012, 129 million votes were counted. Since 2012, the population grew 11 million. Registered voters skyrocketed from 153 million in 2012 to 200 million in 2016. Voter participation as a % of registered voters declined (again). It already ranked 31 out of 34 developed countries. In 2012, 84% of registered voters voted. In 2016, 63% of registered voters voted. The % of the total population who voted went from 41% to 38%. 80 million registered voters did not vote. In total there were more than 100 million people who could have voted but did not. Some portion of the registered voters chose not to vote because they didn’t like any of the candidates. A lot of analysis remains to be done, but many millions did not vote because they could not get to a polling place due to disability, being overseas, bad weather, inability to get off of work, tied up with family responsibilities, inconvenience. Election Attitude is way more relevant than when it was published in August. Internet voting is essential to strengthen our democracy. Stay tuned for more about all aspects of Internet voting. See video of my Internet voting interview.