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PC for WCG

When I was a kid, I built ham radio equipment and other electronic kits (see https://www.johnpatrick.com/hobbies/ham-radio/). Fast forward to 70 and I decided to build a PC. One of my sons gave me an AMD Multi-core CPU for Christmas. I purchased the other components from Amazon and other sites. Pictures of the components are on my Facebook timeline. The finished PC sits in a closet in my Florida home. It is full time devoted to working on the OpenZika project on World Community Grid. The PC is plugged into an Uninterruptible Power Supply so it keeps going even when there is a power outage.

Most of the assembly was easy. My son installed Linux on the SanDisk Solid State Drive. I had a power cabling problem preventing the PC from working when I finished building it. It was disappointing the light did not come on when I plugged in the power, but my son helped me figure out the problem. It has been running 24/7 since January. It was working on the Ebola project most of the time, but I just added the Zika project to the task list. It feels good to know the computing power is going to a good cause.