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Joseph L. Belsky, MD Research Day - May 2013
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Dr. Joseph L. Belsky
Dr. Joseph L. Belsky

On May 8th I attended the Joseph L. Belsky, MD Research Day, an annual event named after Dr. Joseph L. Belsky who founded the event in 1986 at Danbury Hospital, and continues to inspire. 
Dr. Ramin Ahmadi, director of graduate medical education and research (and a member of my doctoral dissertation committee) kicked off the day, which was attended by hospital physicans, department heads, and resident medical students.
The keynote speaker was Dr. Ramiro Garzon who talked about microRNA expression and function in normal hematopoeisis and leukemia. If that speech title sounds complex, I can assure you it is nothing compared to the brilliant presentation about how microRNA is changing the face of cancer. I had never heard of microRNA and immediately started Googling away on my iPad. After reading the FAQ at microrna.org, I realized how much I do not know. In fact, I have read some books about DNA and genomics, and the more I read, the more I find out that I do not know. Someday, I will find the right book and begin to understand this important topic.
I have not attended a Research Day before, and in looking at the list of  Prior Research Day Keynote speakers, I see what I missed. Dr. Ahmadi and his outstanding staff, led by Dr. Joann Petrini, put together a great Research Day Program focused on research studies performed by Danbury Hospital medical researchers.The residents developed large posters that were hung around the learning center. See the topics and abstracts (view the first two pages here and the last page of abstracts here). You can see a complete summary of the day at the link below. It was a great day of learning for all.