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Thanks For The Help

Thanks to Mike Nelson at IBM for finding a bad link to the the piece on spam  in the reflection about Digital IDs. I am trying hard to clean up any errors I made while consolidating my web sites and importing weblog posts from my old system. Most all of the internal links are fixed but there […]

History of Net Attitude

I think all of us have a book in us. Many people have asked me how long it took to bring out a book and how do those endorsements on the back cover work. In addition to the history you can read here, there are postings here in the weblog during the latter part of […]

Net Attitude Weblog Consolidated

The Net Attitude weblog was created in 2001 as an extension of my book, Net Attitude. The plan was and remains to use blogging as a way to reflect on things that changed after I finished writing the book. Needless to say, much has changed but I am sticking to my story — that we are at the very beginning […]

Finished A Couple Of Books

Just finished a couple of books and added them to my book list on the site. The Biker Code – Wisdom For The Ride by Stuart Miller and Geoggrey Moss is a ten minute read with pictures and quotes from motorcycle riders. A lot of interesting perspective — from the heart and from the road. […]