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The Emergence of Solar Trees

This is an elegant solution to a very real problem, the large amount of space required for solar panels. Daljit Singh Bedi, chief scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in New Delhi said that the solar tree

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The New MacBook Pro

Microsoft this week displayed a stark contrast in their marketing strategy versus Apple.  With great fanfare Microsoft announced their new tablet computer called the Surface.  CNET described it as an “attempted market freeze” (See Microsoft attempts market freeze with Surface

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The Future Is More Than Facebook

The frenzy over Facebook is unprecedented.  There are many interesting dimensions to the story; the most interesting to me, is how the insiders are upping the number of shares they plan to unload on the public.  This does not give

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Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth

The iPhone 4S takes great pictures, but nothing like this spectacular high-hes image of Earth. NASA Goddard oceanographer Norman Kuring gathered images from six different orbits of the satellite over an eight hour period last month. He stitched the six

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Connecticut’s Power Woes – Epilogue

We got power restored at 5:17 PM on Monday night after an eight-day outage. As of 10 AM today (Thursday) there were still 1,124 customers in Connecticut not yet restored with electricity. Although that is less than 1% of the customers

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