Board RoomIn the early days of Internet technology, while I was at IBM, I participated on quite a few panels. Some of them are listed below — for historical purposes. I still participate on panels but I now include them in the presentations section. (also see papers and presentations)

Title Date Event Location Comments
Cloud Strategies to Manage Your Business Efficiently 07/03/2013 Markley 2013 Data Center Summit Boston, MA Moderator: Carl Brooks, Research Analyst, Internet Infrastructure Services
Preparing for the Next Wave 07/24/1997 Summer Internet World Moderator: Jack Powers, Vice President, Conferences, MecklerMedia
Digital Footprint 12/04/1996 NII Awards, New York City E-commerce: Leo Campbell – US Postal Service, Patricia Seybold – Patricia Seybold Group
Beyond the Barriers 04/29/1996 2nd Annual NII Awards San Jose, CA The Wiki entry.
Building the Internet Infrastructure 03/25/1996 Gartner Internet & Electronic Commerce Conference Javits Center, New York, NY With David Smith (Gartner), Charles (Microsoft), Dennis (Sun), (Illustra)
“Net Technologies That Will Impact Your Site” 03/21/1996 c|net Electronic Commerce Conference Newport Beach, CA With Eric Schmidt (Sun), Charles Moldow (@home), Macromedia
The Jupiter Roundtable: Developing the Web for Consumer Media 02/27/1996 Consumer Information Services III Conference & Exposition Sheraton Hotel & Towers, New York NY With Marc Andreessen (Netscape), John Patrick (IBM), Russell Siegelman (Microsoft), Paul Sagan (Time Warner), David Garrison (Netcom), Jim Phillips (Motorola), Gene DeRose (Jupiter Communications)
Roundtable on the Internet in the Year 2010 10/31/1995 Boston, MA
SPA Conference 09/27/1995 Boston, MA
Networked Economy Conference 09/13/1995 Washington Sponsored by CMP
Network Security: Do You Know Who’s Breaking In Right Now? 09/10/1995 INET’95 Plenary Session – INET Panel Hawaii Moderator: John Gage (Sun). Panelists: John Patrick (IBM), Rose Ann Giordano (DEC), Tsutomu Shimomura (SDSC), Vint Cerf (MCI), Reginald Best (3COM).
PC Expo 06/20/1995 New York Keynote Panel: Electronic Commerce
NatNet’95 04/04/1995 Washington Panel Discussion
Title Date Event Location Comments