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NewsroomThis page includes articles and interviews in the press dating back to 1993. I guess you could call it a news diary. Audio and video recordings can be found here. My keynote presentations can be found here. My presentation calendar, past and present, is here. It shows the places I have been over the past five years or plan to be over the months ahead. I am  a speaker at many of the conferences,  but there are some I just go attend to listen and learn. See the conference section of the blog for stories about the people, places, and things I learned at the conferences.


Towards Global Communication

Date: 1996-11-12  Type: Industry Publication
Publication: MediaMente

Natural Net

Date: 1996-11-01  Type: Article
Publication: Attitude LLC

Shaping Up The Internet

Date: 1996-09-16  Type: Article
Publication: Information Week

IBM and Sun: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Date: 1996-09-16  Type: Business publication
Publication: Business Week

IBM's alphaWorks is coming to San Jose

Date: 1996-09-13  Type: Business publication
Publication: Mercury News

I really prefer having an engine!

Date: 1996-08-20  Type: Web Property

Six hot technologies for the 21st century

Date: 1996-08-15  Type: Industry publication
Publication: Datamation - V.42,n.14 (Aug.1996), p.68-73

Metcalfe on the Womplex

Date: 1996-07-01  Type: Industry publication
Publication: InfoWorld

CyberGuru mentors student Internauts

Date: 1996-05-11  Type: Not categorized

The Business Advantages of Networked Information

Date: 1996-02-06  Type: Article
Publication: The Conference Board Commerce in Cyberspace - A Conference Report. Report Number 1165-96-CH

Will Your Internet Connection Be a Corporate Advantage?

Date: 1996-01-15  Type: Article
Publication: E-COMM Magazine

The Competitive Promise - Intelligence

Date: 1996-01-01  Type: Article
Publication: Intelligence - The Magazine for the Information Age

Open Wide

Date: 1995-09-15  Type: Article
Publication: WebMaster

Internet Usage Guidelines in a Commercial Setting

Date: 1995-06-01  Type: Article
Publication: NET95 Proceedings

IBM and Internet

Date: 1995-04-09  Type: Industry Publication
Publication: Media Mente

Get Connected: An Internet-based Communications program to re-engineer the way you do business

Date: 1993-11-01  Type: Paper

IBM Introduces OS/2 2.1 With New Advanced Function

Date: 1993-05-18  Type: Press Release
Publication: Anonymous Insider

Simulation As A Tool In Planning For The Investment Of Idle Funds In A Municipal Government

Date: 1971-06-01  Type: Thesis

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