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Book Review – “Net Attitude” 12/20/2003 Design Management Review (Volume 14, Number 1, Winter 2003) Lise Hansen
From Carnegie to Intelo’s Noyce, these Business Titans Embraced Innovation 03/17/2002 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Carnegie Library’s Business Librarians
Kids Rock 03/08/2002 Darwin Danielle Dunne
Book Review 02/08/2002 Australian Financial Review
Does Your Firm Need A ‘Net Attitude’ Check? 02/03/2002 The Orlando Sentinel Richard Pachter
Untapped potential 01/27/2002 The (San Jose) Mercury News Richard Pachter
Sort out your firm’s Net attitude 01/24/2002 ComputerWeekly Ross Bentley
Internet use still growing, expert says 01/22/2002 Danbury New Times Susan Tuz
Net Attitude : What It Is, How to Get It, and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It 01/21/2002 Charlotte Observer Short but sweet review.
Attitude adjustment: IBM ‘s internet guru reveals the mind-set necessary for success in the era of connectivity 01/01/2002 Inside Business by Vivian Pospisil
My picks of the Month (Bookviews) 01/02/2002 Bookviews Alan Caruba
Author pushes Net attitude 12/16/2001 The Poughkeepsie Journal Richard Pachter
Author urges companies to adopt new Net attitude 12/10/2001 The Miami Herald Richard Pachter
Book Review – Net Attitude 12/03/2001 Saltire : Blogging by Steve MacLaughlin Steve MacLaughlin
Books in briefs 11/30/2001 Harvard Business Review John Landry
Bookshelf — Adopting A ‘Net Attitude’ 11/21/2001 Jill Jusko
A Net Attitude, by the book 11/18/2001 PC Magazine Micheal Miller
Book Review 11/16/2001 Amy D. Wohl’s Opinions Amy D. Wohl
Q&A: Net’s potential big, IBM strategist says 11/05/2001 St. Petersburg Times Dave Gussow
Get the attitude of the future 11/01/2001 The Ridgefield Press Heather Ratcliff
Getting Net Attitude 10/24/2001 David Storm
Editorial Reviews 08/28/2001 The Association of Educational Publishers Reesa Marchetti
Attitude Adjustment 09/18/2001 Fast Company Polly LaBarre
Editorial Reviews 09/10/2001 Amazon Business Review Howard Rothman and Bellinda Wise
John Patrick: Net Attitude 08/22/2001 Roy Christopher
Talk about the book on the “New Economy Watch” show 06/19/2001 CNNfn: N.E.W. Show Bruce Francis & Patricia Sabga
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