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My First Job: IBM 50 Years Ago

Hard for me to believe, but I finished engineering school and joined IBM 50 years ago today, June 1. I was very fortunate to have many jobs during 35 years there. Introducing the IBM ThinkPad in 1992 was special, but my

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50th Reunion at Lehigh University

Thanks to fellow Lehigh University alumus, Tom Healy, for telling me about a It is hard for me to believe, but, this weekend was my 50th reunion after graduating from the College of Engineering at Lehigh University in 1967. I

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IBM Has Ideas for President Elect

Ginni Rometty,Chairman, President and CEO, at IBM Corporation sent an open letter to President-Elect Trump outlining a series of initiatives she believes would be helpful to the new administration and consistent with stated goals. As the leader of the nation’s

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Watson correctly diagnoses woman after doctors were stumped | SiliconANGLE

2016 has seen many new developments related to curing cancer. There remain many unknowns, but researchers are climbing the learning curve. A key tool in understanding the cancer of a particular patient and determine what treatment to recommend is the

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Publications by John R. Patrick | Attitude LLC

It seems like I have been writing papers for a long time. Engineering school did not require any I can recall. However, I wrote a thesis (included here) for my masters degree back in 1971. Then I went dark for

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